Alex Monge


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ALEX MONGE Client Manager

Professional Bio

Alex Monge is a Client Manager at The Brenda Casas Team. He takes pride providing great customer service to all of his clients while building relationships one interaction at a time. His ultimate goal is to ensure that all his clients become home owners while each one is properly educated on the loan process.
Alex brings years of mortgage experience to the team. Before joining The Casas Team he worked as a Loan Review Analyst for Bank of America in Los Angeles, CA, where he was positioned to review and audit over 2,000 FNMA, FHLMC, MI, VA and HUD loans, a month, while maintaining 97% QA rating. His knowledge and great work ethic are traits reflective of his excellent results and will ensure future success as a Loan Officer!

Personal Bio

Alex was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He and his wife Wendy moved to Las Vegas in February 2015, and are proud to call this beautiful city their new home! Alex’s parents are from Central America and he is very proud of his roots. Being an only child, Alex is looking forward to starting a family and creating wonderful memories.
Alex loves going out, especially to the movies, with his wife. During his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, video games and watching professional sports with friends. Being from Los Angeles, his favorite teams are the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, and Raiders.


  • Bank of America Loan Review Analyst
  • Experiencing reviewing 2,000+ loans each month
  • 97% quality assurance rating


  • English
  • Spanish