Down Payment Assistance Programs

Down payment assistance programs through The Casas Team helps home buyers reach their goal of buying a home by offering them down payment options.

What are Down Payment Assistance Programs?

Down payment assistance programs are privately funded (often through non-profit organizations) to help l0w-income families cover the costs of a down payment used towards the purchase of a home. Depending on the program, these assistance programs might help to cover other expenses such as closing costs).

The Casas Team is Experienced in Mortgage Loans that use DPA Programs

With record-low home prices in Las Vegas, a down payment should not keep you from buying the dream of your homes.

We are an approved lender in Down Payment Assistance Programs and have closed 550+ loans that required down payment assistance.

We expertly counsel you through the application process for programs such as Culinary and .5% Down Payment Programs

  • Every homebuyer will be required to take an 8-hour homebuyer education class
  • 30-45 days to close the loan
  • Typically must be a first time homebuyer that has not owned a home in the past 3 years
  • The home usually needs to be the home buyer’s primary residence
  • Borrower must qualified by down payment agency and their guidelines


see below

  • Area: ANY
  • Minimum: 3.5% Down
  • Income: 1-2 persons $71,600 | 3+ persons $86,940
  • Guidelines: 10k only towards closing costs and principal reduction. Up to 20k on Conventional Loans
  • Min. FICO: n/a
  • Max Price: ANY

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up to$15,000

  • Must be primary residence
  • 640 FICO, Max Income Limits, Homebuyer class completion
  • Eligible Area: No areas specified
  • Funds can be used towards down payment, closing costs, and principal reduction
  • Funds do not need to be paid back

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